Our brackets are customizable at no extra charge, within certain limits:


Default backset (wall to centerline) is 3.5”, but we can fabricate anything from 1.5” up to 8”. While the ability to execute your custom design will vary based on rod diameter and bracket configuration, we will gladly accommodate special requests however possible.


Default backplate height is 4”. We can go longer or shorter as necessary (generally shorter, for clearance issues). All brackets come with matching #8 mounting screws.

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Cup Bracket
Used at the ends of rods.  ..
Dovetail Bracket
Dovetail Double Bracket
Dovetail bracket designed to hold two rods.  ..
Dovetail Horizontal Bracket
Dovetail Brackets with a horizontal backplate. Typically used as a center bracket.  ..
Dovetail Round Return Bracket
Dovetail Bracket designed for the end of Round (French) Return brackets.  ..
Forged Bracket
Custom hand-forged bracket.  ..
Forged Double Bracket
Custom hand-forged double brackets.  ..
Fullered Bracket
Fullered Double Bracket
Double bracekt with a fullered design. Hold two rods at a time.  ..
Fullered Horizontal Bracket
Fullered bracket with a horizontal backplate. Typically used as a center bracket. ..
Fullered Round Return Bracket
Fullered bracket designed to go at the end of Round (French) Return brackets. ..
Half-Round Bracket
Standard bracket with a rounder shape to it.  ..
Half-Round Horizontal Bracket
Bracket has the same backplate as the Half-Round Bracket except in a horizontal position. Mainly use..
Half-Round Round Return
Half-Round bracket used for the ends of Round (French) Return rods.  ..
Standard Bracket